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My name is Mark and I am rediscovering the pleasure of taking and developing images.  The intention  is to add to these on-line albums over the coming months and years and to keep a fresh eye open for the visually appealing. 

I'm based in Hertford and a lot of the photos are likely to be derived from the local area.  Besides wanting to take a visual record, I also want to explore the possibilities for creating images with filters and tools that are available within the camera and/or photoshop.

I also want to explore the creation of still life images where putting together shapes and textures should create a different feel to the photographic work.   I hope you enjoy.

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A Sea Symphony at St Albans

A Sea Symphony at St Albans
Rehearsal and concert at St Albans with Hertford Choral Society and the Chameleon Arts Orchestra.

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I should be delighted to hear from you (trembling in the knowledge that this is a vanity project and that I have a sensitive ego!).

Thank you for your kindness.

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