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09/10/2016 - 19:24

Have spent part of the day selecting then printing the three stunning entries for the Courtyard Arts member's exhibition.  I am guaranteed, as a member, to have one entry selected.  Whether I get more is entirely down to whether the judges recognise artistic brilliance.  I will, of course, put all three photos on the website and indicate which of the three did not get selected...

Have also entered the Hertford Life 2017 calendar competition, though with little sense that I will be successful.  The photo submitted is of a a bench on Royston Heath, but some attention paid as to how it can be transformed into something more arty.  The transformation is subtle, and possibly distracting.  It is also, in fairness, not the sort of thing that gets selected for a monthly calendar picture. Still, nothing comes of nothing, as Lear (played by Antony Sher at Stratford last night) would say.  And photo will be uploaded once the winners have been announced.

Happy week ahead...


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