Cropwell Photography


This gallery will contain the more artistic endeavours.
Most of my photography will be in and around Hertford: this gallery will capture pictures of buildings taken in other places, and there is scope from some project based work at a later date.
This the more creative side of my work and where I harbour ambitions, one day, to have an exhbition of photos on display in Hertford
Pictures taken on the Green Dragon ECO Farm on their working with wool day where members of the International Felters Association provided demonstrations of their craft.
Photographs taken in and around Hertford.
Photographs of the Hertford Choral Society in action.
This comes from being out and about which, given the small number of photos indicates that either I don't get out much or that I am not good at landscapes. And one may predict the other!
Unlikely to be many as most people get a little edgy about being on websites.
Birds. Muntjac. Insects. Steam Engines. If they will ever stay still long enough.